About Us


New York University China House seeks to seize upon the enormous intellectual and scholarly potential that lies in modern China and to advance the study of the dynamic changes taking place in China through joint dialogue and research.

Research-Oriented Activities

NYU China House is home to many research-oriented activities across NYU. It holds conference and seminar series that cover the humanities, social sciences, law, business, natural sciences and medical sciences. These series are often jointly organized with NYU schools, departments and research institutes, and/or external partners.

NYU China House has established research grants and fellowship programs to promote China-oriented research. These grants and fellowships are administered by a research council affiliated with China House and are available to NYU faculty, research scientists, and doctoral students.

In order to further advance China House’s mission to improve China-oriented research, doctoral scholarship programs have also been established. These scholarships are administered by the NYU graduate school and are available to both NYU doctoral students as well as doctoral students from Chinese universities. A portion of these scholarships may be directly available to professional schools and the medical science communities.

NYU China House also hosts a visiting scholars program, which is administered by a research council. The program allows NYU schools, departments and research institutes to apply directly to China House for funding support for visiting scholars.

Community Building Efforts

NYU China House is supported by a group of China House associates comprised of NYU faculty, research scientists and doctoral students interested in China. These associates will strive to maintain a strong working relationship among NYU’s China and Pan-Asia focused organizations and will serve as a conduit in promoting and establishing relations with external organizations, such as the China Institute, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and UNICEF.

To engender a dynamic dialogue, China House has established a high profile public speaker series that addresses topics of particular interest to China scholars. Additionally, China House is leading an annual China Activities Forum which will allow NYU schools, departments, and research institutes to present their China-related activities. This forum aims to promote information clearing and to capture potential synergies among units, while promoting esprit de corps.

The academic atmosphere of China House is formed around the above stated core initiatives. As part of the community-building efforts, a central mission of NYU China House is to serve as a public meeting place for anyone in the New York City area with an academic interest in China. One of the traditional missions of NYU’s International Houses has been to create a bridge between their home regions and the residents of New York City by offering language instruction and short-term cultural programs. Over the years these houses have educated thousands of New Yorkers and have been an important part of the intellectual landscape of New York City and New York University. China House plans to continue this rich tradition by supporting Chinese language instruction and short term cultural programming for residents of New York City.

Additional Initiatives

As part of its mission, China House works to identify distinguished faculty members, outstanding students and leading professionals from China whose research would profit from an opportunity to work at NYU. China House directs these professionals to the various NYU departments and programs that will provide a suitable academic home, and serves as a secondary resource during their stay.

China House also aims to increase the number of NYU graduate and undergraduate students studying in China, whether in conjunction with the NYU in Shanghai program or through other organizations. In this way, China House serves as an academic matchmaker, working closely both with institutions in China and with NYU departments and programs in order to increase the flow of scholars in both directions.