Now Accepting Applications to the NYU Bioethics MA Program!

The NYU Master of Arts degree in Bioethics gives graduate level students the opportunity to study and explore a broad conception of bioethics, in both medical and environmental ethics. The graduate program is based in the NYU College of Public Health, with its own full-time experienced core faculty, with one-on-one student advising and small class […]

NYU Bioethics Colloquium with Professor of Law Adam Kolber

A Bioethical Challenge to Retributive Punishment When we incarcerate criminal offenders, we cause them physical and emotional pain. Many states put the most serious offenders to death. Such forms of harsh treatment are ordinarily forbidden outside the context of criminal justice. To justify our punishment practices, we must show why we are permitted to inflict […]

NYU MA in Bioethics Online Information Session

Wednesday, December 2nd, the NYU Center for Bioethics will be hosting an online information session for prospective students. NYU Center for Bioethics faculty, students, & staff will give an overview of the curriculum of the program and activities of the Center, as well as the admissions and financial aid processes. You will also have the […]