Now Accepting Applications to the NYU Bioethics MA Program!

New York University’s Master of Arts degree in Bioethics gives graduate level students the opportunity to study and explore a broad conception of bioethics, in both medical and environmental ethics. The graduate program is based in the NYU College of Public Health, with its own full-time experienced core faculty, with one-on-one student advising and small class […]

Director S. Matthew Liao’s Talk at TEDxCERN 2015 – Altering What We Remember and Forget with Neuro-technology

Neurotechnology has the potential to influence what we remember and forget, what we feel and perceive, even what we think and believe. Matthew Liao investigates the ethics of these capabilities and the individual’s and society’s responsibility towards them. In case you missed Director S. Matthew Liao’s talk at TEDxCERN 2015 or simply want to re-watch, […]