2017/18 Digital Humanities Meetup Series

Fall 2017: 
Sunday, October 15 from 2-3pm: 
LaTeX for Beginners!  Join us for an intro to LaTex! With LATEX you can: • Prepare TEXy documents • Improve the TEXiness of your CVs | résumés • Prepare sophisticaTEXd documents (thesis, …) This is a practical session! Please: (1) create an account on (overleaf.com). (2) bring your laptop! 
Library, Room 329

Tuesday, October 17 from 12-1pm: 
Lecture: We Are What We Use: Experiences In, On, and Around the Technologies of the Digital Age by Dr. Kimon Keramidas, NYU New York

Abstract: The era of the personal computer (roughly 1977 to the present) has been one of profound change. Interactions with digital devices have traveled the path from novelty to ubiquity from convenience to necessity, and as they have changed they have also changed us. This lecture will consider how we can locate those experiences of change and defamiliarize them; setting them aside at a distance, separating ourselves from the fray and gaining a better understanding of their impact on our lives. For, it is only by understanding the broader physical, interactive, and didactic spheres of the cultural experience of these devices that we can come to a better understanding of our increasingly informational, social, and digital age.
Library, Room 329

Thursday, October 19 from 10am-12pm: 
Introduction to Omeka workshop w/ Kimon Keramidas (NYU Center for Experimental Humanities).
Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. This is a hands-on workshop so please bring your computer.
Library, Room 329
Tuesday, November 14 from 11am-12pm: 
Melitte Buchman (NYU Bobst Library, Digital Content Manager), on Digital Media Preservation Basics: Melitte will cover issues related to the long-term preservation of digital images and video as well as quality assurance and technical metadata for both video and imaging.
Library, Room 339
Spring 2018: 
Wednesday, February 14 at 10am:
Andrew Battista, Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at Bobst Library’s Data Services department in New York, introduces us to NYU’s Geospatial Data Repository.
Library, Room 339 
Tuesday, April 17 at 11am: 
“What are the futures of the book?,” with Dr. Ray Siemens,  with a pre-circulation of a reading. Dr Siemens is one of the leading figures in digital humanities in the world.  He directs the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab and the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria, Canada.
Library, Room 329  

Thursday, May 24 at 10am:
Alex Erdmann (NYU Abu Dhabi, CaMEL), Named Entity Recognition for Digital Humanists.

Named Entity Recognition (NER) involves using a computer to identify certain classes of proper names in raw text, traditionally, persons, groups/organizations, and places. Having such proper names provides the humanist with useful data for creating maps, networks or other abstract models of texts. The presentation will cover how NER relies on elements of natural language processing (NLP) as well as leading participants through a novel active learning strategy for adapting the NER model from a well annotated text to another text in another domain. 
Library, Room 339