The CDS Teaching with Technology Series: Danielle Ompad

The CDS technology series continued with a visit from New York Faculty member Danielle Ompad Associate Professor, College of Global Public Health. Danie and Instructional Designer Sharon Kay reached out the CDS to help assist in making 6 short instructional videos whilst Danie was visiting NYU Abu Dhabi. The videos are for a course, HIV/AIDS from a Global Perspective, which is being taught fully online and use videos of Danielle to highlight key concepts and points. Content for the videos was shared prior to the recordings, the studio was set up and content ready to go before Danielle’s arrival and knowing that she had come in from New York the previous day CDS staff wanted to make this process as easy for her as possible. Below is what Danielle had to say about the experience and also some screen shots from her online class using NYU Classes with the videos embedded from NYU Stream.

“I had an amazing experience with the Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) at the NYU Abu Dhabi campus.  I have been making videos at the NYU New York campus over the past couple of years for several online classes.  I was coming to NYUAD for a week and asked the staff at the NYUNY Instructional Video Module Studio if it was possible to make videos in Abu Dhabi.  They contacted Rebecca Pittam of CDS and arrangements were made. Having done videos for online classes previously, I came prepared to make short (i.e., 1-5 minute) videos.  I had 3-7 slides for each video and was comfortable with the content.
I met Rebecca in the studio she has set up in the library. My slides were loaded on the computer, and after a few minutes of practicing I was ready to go.  We managed to make 7 short videos in about 90 minutes. 
Rebecca made it so easy to make the videos and was a pleasure to work with.  The resulting videos looked and sounded professional.  They are perfect for my online class.
Thank you Rebecca!”