Day of DH 2017

To contribute to the worldwide Day of DH efforts, here’s a recap of some of the things that the Center for Digital Scholarship at NYU Abu Dhabi has been working on this year:

  • Being inspired by the recent Digital Humanities Abu Dhabi week held on our campus. This multi-day event, sponsored by the NYUAD Institute and the Arts and Humanities division, and coordinated by Visiting Associate Professor of Digital Humanities, David Wrisley, featured a great lineup of talks and hands-on workshops across a spectrum of DH topics. We learned about everything from the complexities of Arabic OCR (here, here, here and here), to interesting things happening with visualizing collections at the American University of Cairo Library, to getting our hands dirty with Omeka, Prezi and APIs. 
  • Working with Professor Wrisley to hold NYUAD’s inaugural series of Digital Humanities Meetups. View our lineup here.
  • Working with Professors Robert Parthesius, David Wrisley and Felix Beck on ‘a Heritage Lab,’ held in the CDS, as part of the two-day “Dialogues with the Past: Documenting Heritage in the UAE” conference sponsored by the NYUAD Institute.
  • Collaborating with music faculty, computer science faculty and the library director on a project involving rhythm, computational analysis and creating an archive of regional heritage music.
  • Working with colleagues in the Library to create digital images of archival maps of different sizes and media for reuse in spatial humanities projects, working with primary sources from our Archives and Special Collections unit.
  • Partnering with our Interactive Media colleagues to offer a series of Web Wednesdays workshops to help users get hands-on experience working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 
  • Working with the Photography Student Interest Group on editing RAW images. 
  • Collaborating with a NY-based faculty member and her team of instructional designers in New York to create 6 short instructional videos during her visit to Abu Dhabi for her online course ‘HIV/AIDS from a Global Perspective.’
  • Helping students explore alternative ways to discuss and collaborate on assignments for their Muslims in Popular Culture class, by using the NYU Web Publishing platform.

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We look forward to reading about what our colleagues around the world our doing as part of Day of DH 2017!