Thank you for your interest in helping us pilot-test the staRt app!

Please refer to the documents “Master Schedule” and “Checklist for Interested Clinicians” for complete instructions. Below is an abbreviated version of the checklist with links for secure uploading of materials. You can also consult the study FAQ.

Get Set Up

  1. To download a copy of the app to your iPad, please email with your request. You will receive an invite to download staRt via Apple’s Test Flight app, which is free to download in the app store.
    • PLEASE NOTE: staRt is currently available for iPad only. iPhone and other devices will come later.
  2. Review the staRt user manual.
  3. For pilot testing, you need to use the app with a microphone. We recommend earphones/headsets. See the user manual for more details.

Obtaining Permissions

  1. If you are in a school setting, ask your school principal to sign our “Principal Letter” to approve participation in this research.
  2. Share the document “Parent Letter” with the parents/guardians of any potential participants.
    • If the potential participant and his/her family express interest in proceeding, notify our team via
    • We will reply with consent documents for you, the participant, and the parent/guardian. Please print and distribute these.
  3. Our team will arrange to speak with you, the participant, and the parent/guardian to explain any questions about the consent process.
    • Either a single group call or separate calls will be acceptable.
    • Once all questions have been addressed, we will instruct each individual (participant, parent, clinician) to sign the appropriate form.
    • Scan the signed forms and upload them here.

Complete Questionnaires

  1. Perform these steps only if the child’s parent/guardian checked “Yes” in response to the question “Will you allow your child’s speech pathologist to share information about your child’s history of speech-language treatment and current speech-language abilities?
  2. Complete “Clinician Questionnaire 1: Speech and Language History.”
  3. Complete “Clinician Questionnaire 2: Speech and Language Evaluation.”
  4. Upload forms here.


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