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B.A. in English Literature, Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY), 2004. M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2008. ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence, 2011.

I am a Speech Pathologist with specialization in hearing (re)habilitation.  I have spent my career thus far serving students within the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing population.  In the Biofeedback Intervention for Speech Lab, it has been an absolute pleasure taking on the role of Lab Manager. The Byun Lab’s mission to show the efficacy behind incorporating technology (e.g. ultrasound) into speech intervention is what drew me to the lab.

…and yes, one of these days, I will meet Twyla Tharp and she will include me in one of her performances (as the awkward lead of course!) so that when people ask, I can have a cool “Twyla Tharp” story tied to my name. Yep, one of these days! 


B.A. in Linguistics, Reed College, 2005. M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2011. ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence with Bilingual Extension in Spanish, 2012.  

I am a PhD student in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University (website). In the Biofeedback Intervention for Speech Lab, I am the licensed and ASHA certified speech and language pathologist serving the individuals enrolled in treatment studies for speech sound improvement. My clinical background is in serving bilingual and bicultural populations, as with my training in Bolivia and Ghana, and clinical fellowship working with school-age children in New York City public schools.

My current research projects investigate perception and production of the /r/ sound in typically developing children and children with speech sound disorders. Particularly, I am investigating the acoustic phonetic properties of /r/ in relation to vowel sounds in an individual. I am interested in incorporating findings into our lab’s acoustic biofeedback app. Also, I am exploring perceptual training of a non-native vowel contrast to see whether improvements in perception are related with improvements in production. My future research interests include perceptual training of a non-native vowel contrast in Spanish-speaking populations, in addition to a telepractice study using the staRt app!

Outside the lab, I enjoy palindromes, bicycle tours, folk music, aerial acrobatics and juggling.



B.A. in Linguistics and Psychology, University of Alberta, 2013. M.S. in Linguistics, University of Alberta, 2017.

Graham ( is a Speech Scientist and Linguist currently pursuing his doctorate in Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University and under the advisement of Dr. Tara McAllister. In the Biofeedback Intervention Technology for Speech lab, Graham coordinates and manages data processing with a team of research assistants in the lab as well as collaborators at other sites. Graham’s research interests include investigating the acoustic correlates of gender perception in transgender voice and investigating the predictors of treatment response for the remediation of /r/ misarticulation using ultrasound biofeedback.



Kristina is a graduate student in New York University’s online graduate program in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences from the University of Minnesota. Kristina’s main research interest incorporates transgender voice modification in both the monolingual and bilingual populations.



Dana is currently a second year Communicative Sciences and Disorders M.S. candidate at New York University. She earned her B.S. in Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders at Boston University (Go Terriers!). Dana also works as a research assistant in the Small Talk Child Language Development and Disorders Laboratory and is the Second Year Communicative Sciences and Disorders Representative in the InterProfessional Education Group (IPEG). Ultimately, Dana hopes to work as a speech-language pathologist at a pediatric outpatient hospital, and one day earn her Master’s in Public Health. Dana’s research and clinical interests include: motor speech disorders, craniofacial anomalies, pediatric feeding disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 



I am currently an undergraduate student studying Communicative Sciences and Disorders. I have been a member of BITS Lab since my freshman year, working primarily on project PTR. While I do have a strong interest in research, I also look forward to my future career doing clinical work as a SLP. BITS Lab has taught me a lot about the research field and what it means to be a successful clinician.




Sam is an undergraduate student in NYU’s Linguistics program, and has been with the BITS Lab since December 2018. After graduation, she is planning on pursuing a PhD in Linguistics with a focus in Phonetics and Phonology, so she is very excited to have her first real taste of research at the BITS Lab! Her research interests include bilingualism, Inuit languages, particularly Kalaallisut (Greenland), and Italian languages. She is currently working on her Undergraduate Thesis, which deals with stressed syllables in English and how they are distributed with respect to phonetic duration.




Colleen is an undergraduate currently studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at NYU Steinhardt. She has been a research assistant at the NYU Biofeedback for Speech Lab since Spring 2019. Her interest in speech pathology stems from an interest in languages, as she is able to speak in English, Spanish, and Tagalog. In her spare time, Colleen enjoys reading, oil painting, and exploring New York City. 




I am a student in the Undergraduate Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at NYU. I am also a minor in Child Development and Social Intervention, and am interested in working with the pediatric population, as well as pursuing a bilingual extension. I have been with the BITS lab since February 2017, and am currently starting a thesis on somatosensory acuity in school-aged children.



lr-edit-7100WENDY LIANG

Wendy Liang is a graduate of the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University. She completed a Masters thesis investigating app-based biofeedback using the /START/ at BITS Lab, and is also a research assistant for the Swallow Research Lab. In her time at NYU, she was a teacher’s assistant for two semesters and an executive board member for the Interprofessional Education Group. Wendy enjoys participating in the Spanish/ English language groups of the Bilingual Clinician Community, and is also fluent in English and Cantonese. Wendy aims to ultimately practice as a clinician in underrepresented cities in the United States, as well as abroad, while continuing to participate in research. She is most interested in working with the pediatric and adult populations with neurogenic and swallowing disorders using instrumental assessment and treatment.


Jackie completed her M.S. degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Teachers College, Columbia University. She earned her B.A. in linguistics from the University of Southern California (USC). After graduating, she worked as a linguist and content developer at a tech company specializing in language and culture training programs. Jackie’s research interests include: speech and voice technology, neurogenic disorders, and bilingual/multicultural language development and sociolinguistics.


Adrianna is a graduate of New York University’s undergraduate program in communicative sciences and disorders. She is currently applying to graduate programs in order to pursue a career as a speech-language pathologist. Although Adrianna has experience working with children who are on the autism spectrum, she is open to exploring the possibility of working with different populations in the future. Adrianna hopes to continue participating in research throughout her future studies while utilizing the experiences gained as a member of the Biofeedback for Speech Intervention Lab.


13254671_10209989974414068_3116478811808580279_oMARYANN KRASKO
Maryann Krasko received her B.S. from the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University, and has been working as a research assistant at the BITS Lab since February 2016. She had always found work with the geriatric population fascinating, particularly within a medical setting; however, after having spent time at the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering in London, Maryann’s interest in the pediatric population significantly grew. Her love of communicative sciences and disorders partially stems from her love of languages. As a fluent speaker of English, Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian (and student of Spanish, Italian, and American Sign Language), Maryann looks forward to completing lingual extensions during her academic years in graduate school.


wallpaperESTHER PAK
Esther Pak received her MS from the department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at NYU. She has been a research assistant at the NYU Biofeedback for Speech Lab since Fall 2015. She graduated from Wesleyan University as a Psychology major and proceeded to work as a Behavior Therapist/Teacher with kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is interested in working with both the pediatric and adult populations as well as AAC devices. Esther is a bilingual speaker of English and Korean. She is a New York native and enjoys trying all the  restaurants New York has to offer!


fullsizerenderADAM KLAUS
Adam Klaus graduated from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University studying Neural Science and Linguistics. He was a research assistant at the BITS Lab starting in Fall of 2014, and completed an independent thesis project over the summer investigating the relationship between auditory perception and speech motor learning in the context of visual biofeedback. In the future, Adam hopes to work in the medical field treating neurological speech and hearing disorders in adults.


fullsizerenderKACIE McGOLDRICK
Kacie McGoldrick completed a MS in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University. She joined BITS lab in Fall 2015. In addition, Kacie is a research assistant for the Technology and Storytelling Study for children with autism spectrum disorders in the Child Language Lab with Dr. Christina Reuterskiold  Kacie also served as the secretary for the NYU chapter of NSSLHA. One day she hopes to work with the pediatric population, specifically early intervention in home health. Kacie received her B.S. from Northwestern University in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Psychology. In her spare time, Kacie enjoys cooking, yoga and musical theatre.


wallpaper-powfactorNYX MANDEL
Nyx Mandel graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Interdisciplinary Study.  She completed a senior colloquium focused on language and self-expression as human drives–a topic she has been studying through the lenses of communicative sciences and disorders, linguistics, human evolution, archaeology, and Judaic studies.  After graduation she hopes to pursue a Master’s degree and a career as a speech-language pathologist.


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