Daily Archives: July 7, 2017

NSF-funded paper accepted for presentation at IEEE ITSC 2017 in Yokohama

The latest paper, a joint effort between Yueshuai Brian He, Prof. Chow, and U. Toronto researcher Dr. Mehdi Nourinejad, has been accepted for presentation in the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference held in Yokohama in fall 2017. The paper topic, “A Privacy Design Problem for Sharing Transport Service Tour Data”, investigates a method to protect the privacy of a private transport operator’s tour data by anonymizing it under the constraint of providing sufficiently accurate user performance metrics for public use. This work should be increasingly important as public agencies and private operators like Via and Lyft seek out data sharing arrangements to support smart cities.

This research is supported by NSF CAREER grant CMMI-1652735.

A preprint of the paper can be found here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318451988_A_Privacy_Design_Problem_for_Sharing_Transport_Service_Tour_Data