New book by Prof Chow to be published by Elsevier

Elsevier is publishing “Informed Urban Transport Systems: Classic and Emerging Mobility Methods toward Smart Cities” by Prof. Joseph Chow in August. Pre-orders are now available:

The objective of the book is to serve as an indispensable guide of classic theories in urban transportation systems science while tackling emerging issues like shared mobility services, data privacy, city monitoring, and dynamic decision processes. Chow was supported by the NSF CAREER award. 


New research published at Journal of Geographical Systems

For city agencies interested in operating online dashboards to monitor mobility through vehicular GPS data, one obstacle is having computationally efficient GIS tools that relate changes in travel patterns to specific points of interest (e.g. querying adverse weather impact on traffic at the airport, or at a downtown area) in real time. We demonstrate a new technological solution using taxi GPS data from Beijing. The tool is available on Xintao Liu‘s GitHub account (

The paper is available hereDATATANG provided the real-time GPS datused in this study. Prof. Chow was partially supported by the C2SMART University Transportation Center. 

Visiting Scholars and Summer Researchers

(comic courtesy of friends on social media)

Summer is upon us once again. As with previous years, we will have several researchers joining us for the summer as visiting scholars or graduate researcher assistants (on top of the PhD student researchers, the summer undergraduate researchers, and ARISE students that we employ). 

Dr. Tai-Yu Ma will be visiting us from LISER for the second of his three year visiting scholar program. Last year we collaborated on dispatch/positioning algorithms for bimodal shared taxi and public transit service. 

Prof. Daniel Rodriguez-Roman from UPRM is making a shorter summer stay at NYU through the Faculty Resource Network. We will be collaborating on public transit network design problems (sorely needed as the MTA plans to redesign the bus network!). 

In addition, Assel will continue to work in our lab this summer, while one of our incoming Fall 2018 PhD students, Anthony Haoran Su, will be joining us from Berkeley to start earlier in the summer. Milos Balac, a PhD student of Prof. Kay Axhausen at ETH Zurich, will also be visiting for the summer to help us with our MATSim model development. Welcome, Anthony and Milos!

Looking forward to a productive and fun summer!


Heba Omholt awarded Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship

Heba Omholt, a student in the MS in Transportation Planning & Engineering program and a recent C2SMART-funded research assistant in the BUILT lab, has been awarded a Dwight D. Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship. The award is the amount of $5000 and an additional $1500 travel expenditure to attend TRB Annual Meeting in 2018. Heba joined NYU in Fall 2017, after just completing her B.S. in  Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning from University of California, Davis.

Congratulations to Heba, NYU’s newest Eisenhower Fellow!