On February 9th, 2019, was held the “North East Music Information Special Interest Group” (NEMISIG) workshop at Brooklyn College in New York, NY, USA. Elizabeth Mendoza, from Forest Hills High School, presented a poster on current BirdVox research, initiated during her ARISE internship with Vincent Lostanlen in summer 2018. Vincent Lostanlen presented a poster on computational music analysis.

We reproduce the presentation material below.

Vincent Lostanlen. Sparsity bounds in rhythmic tiling canons

Sparsity bounds in rhythmic tiling canons. Poster by Vincent Lostanlen at NEMISIG 2019


Elizabeth Mendoza. Sparsity bounds in rhythmic tiling canons

Elizabeth Mendoza's poster for NEMISIG 2019. Synthesizing Training Data for Automatic Detection and Classification of Bird Songs