Volunteers Wanted: Long Term Research on Diamondback Terrapins

Volunteers Wanted: Long Term Research on Diamondback Terrapins:

For 20 years we have invited volunteers, especially undergraduate students, to help with my long-term research project on diamondback terrapins in New York City’s Jamaica Bay. The field site can be easily reached by train, bus, or car from NYC, Long Island, and nearby NJ. The field work involves mark-recapture of nesting terrapins, monitoring nests and raccoons, interacting with park visitors, and many other related activities.

This project regularly involves 50-70 volunteers aged 17+ years old, undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, and up. Once the nesting season starts in June we are in the field 7 days/week, dawn-dusk, so there are lots of opportunities to fit around everyone’s schedule. People volunteer for different reasons; college students typically volunteer to get experience working with wildlife, to get research experience, and sometimes to carry out projects that earn them college credits. Some college undergraduates have done such great projects that they resulted in presentations at scientific meetings and published papers in scientific journals. Students who put in a solid summer of work also can count on a strong recommendation letter, which can be valuable for admissions to advanced programs.

For more information, visit jbtr.org or contact Dr. Russell Burke at russell.l.burke@hofstra.edu.

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