Wave Hill is Now Hiring for Youth Programs Staff

Wave Hill is currently hiring for four excellent openings for graduate and undergraduate students to assist with our Forest Project and WERM (Woodland Ecology Research Mentorship) programs.

The four positions are:

1. Youth Programs Coordinator: This 15 month position helps with planning, administering and teaching aspects of both our Forest Project and WERM programs.
This position is best for recent college graduates.

2. Forest Project Crew Leader: This summer position helps develop a restoration plan for our 8-acre woodlands and leads teams of high-school interns through restoration work in the field. They are responsible for planning activities and encouraging a friendly and productive dynamic amongst crew members.
This position is best for current undergraduate students.

3. Restoration Ecology Course Facilitator: This summer position helps produce and deliver course materials for the Restoration Ecology course our high school interns take. The facilitator also assists students with their summer-long final projects and data collection.

4. GIS Education Programs Facilitator: This summer position assists with the content and delivery of our GIS-based course for high school interns. The facilitator helps troubleshoot GIS software problems, guides students through their final projects and helps to teach GIS.

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