Research technician position in Huang lab at NYU Biology

Carol Huang’s lab in the Department of Biology and Center for Genomics and Systems Biology plans to hire a full-time research technician. Please contact Professor Huang at for more information.

Our lab uses both “dry”- and “wet”-lab genomics methods to study gene regulation at the systems level. Specifically, we are interested in understanding how the repertoire of genome and epigenome variations at the levels of individual and population give rise to phenotypic variations in realistic environment. The extensive intra-specific genome and epigenome variation and adaptability to the environment found in the plant kingdom provide rich resources to investigate this question.  Working with the reference plant Arabidopsis and extending to agriculturally and ecologically important plants, we focus on three related topics:
  • identifying genomic and epigenomic determinants of intra-specific transcriptional variation;
  • using single cell sequencing methods to characterize cell type-specific responses;
  • mapping population- and cell type-specific regulatory networks in hormone responses.
We aim to build a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative lab, and are committed to provide a supportive environment for lab members to achieve scientific excellence and gain expertise in both computational and experimental skills.
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