UCLA’s Graduate Programs in Bioscience Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter

from Dr. Diana Azurdia, Associate Director for Recruitment and Diversity, Graduate Programs in Bioscience, UCLA:

I am the Associate Director for Diversity and Recruitment for Graduate Programs in Bioscience at UCLA and I am pleased to invite you to visit our SACNAS (#400) and ABRCMS (#611) booths this fall. I would love to have the opportunity to meet you and describe the incredible research going on at UCLA and how we support both graduate students and undergraduates looking for summer research opportunities.

Many of our students participated in research programs as undergraduates. Check out our most recent newsletter to meet some of these students and hear their stories and views about UCLA.

Graduate Programs in Bioscience is an umbrella program that brings together more than 400 faculty from 29 departments across the College Life Sciences and Physical Sciences and Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Dentistry. We are organized into research training programs called Home Areas. They stem from UCLA’s areas of research excellence rather than traditional departmental divisions. This structure provides specialized, in-depth educational programs while maintaining flexibility for students to explore frontiers beyond any single Home Area.

As a former undergraduate program director, I have witnessed the incredible talent that undergraduate trainees can harness when they have access to resources, effective mentoring and a sense of community. My colleagues and I are committed to ensuring that our bioscience graduate programs offer these support systems so all students thrive in their quest for a career in science.

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and will reach out or visit me at our booth to learn more about our graduate and undergraduate programs.


Diana Azurdia, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Recruitment and Diversity, Graduate Programs in Bioscience
University of California, Los Angeles
Email: dazurdia@mednet.ucla.edu
Website: http://bioscience.ucla.edu

Advisor, SACNAS Chapter
SACNAS at UCLA Website: http://www.sacnasatucla.com

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