NYU Peer Undergraduate Mentoring Program

The NYU Peer Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP) aims to support women in STEM fields by pairing Freshman and Sophomore undergraduates with Juniors and Seniors in their field of interest. Mentors help guide underclassmen through their first years at NYU by offering advice on classes, research, and student life, and major in a variety of STEM fields. In order to foster a sense of community, PUMP also hosts social events, study sessions, and funds monthly meetings for pairs over coffee. Participating is a great way to network, learn about research opportunities, and make friends in your own STEM field. We encourage mentees to give back to the program by becoming mentors in their Junior year. To be a mentor visit: http://bit.ly/2gsLzmr, and to be a mentee visit: http://bit.ly/2x0JXLc

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