New Harvest Conference

New Harvest, the 501(c)(3) research institute advancing technologies to make foods from cell cultures is hosting their second annual conference dedicated to cellular agriculture. Think: meat, milk, and eggs made from cells instead of animals! Growing strawberry tissue instead of strawberries! Growing muscle cells on plant tissue! Growing spider silk without spiders!

Pioneers in growing agriculture products from cell cultures will talk about their technologies, which will you can see, touch, taste, in the Prototype Room

Where: PioneerWorks, 159 Pioneer St., Brooklyn, NY 11231
When: October 11 & 12, 2017
$100 per ticket for students and biohackers

WANT TO ATTEND? Students can get the student rate by emailing and requesting the student rate.
WANT TO DISPLAY? Students working on relevant technologies – bio/material interfaces, tissue engineering, science ethics, and more, can apply to share their research at the conference, and receive free tickets! Apply here.

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