Bioinformatics Internship for NYU Students

SolveBio ( is a bioinformatics company based in New York City, started this summer.
We are looking for an intern to help find and understand disparate biological datasets and learn about how they are used in the real world to do medical research and diagnosis.
The ideal candidate would have experience in bioinformatics and would be an Undergraduate student, Masters student, or PhD candidate in the New York area. Must have Genomics research experience, ideally having completed at least one independent project. Experience with “data science” and knowledge of Python and/or R is a plus. Experience with interpreting datasets and scientific papers is required. Must have an interest in web development and startups.
Start date: Immediate
Compensation: Negotiable. Possibility of stock options for longer term involvement.
If interested contact
About Us
We build software that helps doctors, scientists, and programmers make sense of massive amounts of health data. The past decade has seen a revolution in molecular technology, which means we can now collect large amounts of precise medical data about anyone at low cost. The problem is that the data are not in a language doctors can understand.Bioinformatics
Our API for Medicine helps programmers and scientists at research hospitals, diagnostic companies, biotech and pharma companies, and CROs translate molecular data into information doctors can use to diagnose and treat patients. We’ve compiled the world’s molecular data and made it easy to work with and understand.