LGBTQI scientists event for World Pride June 25

Elsevier and 500QS Joint Event for World Pride

Come and hear six powerful short talks from scientists from the LGBTQI community, on how their experiences in science and academia has shaped their outlook on work, life and our society.

The 500 Queer Scientists initiative launched in June 2018 and highlights the real need for increased visibility of LGBTQI scientists in academia. The issues are complex, but visibility and role models are part of the solution. This event will share stories of LGBTQI scientists in New York/Northeast who have successfully followed a career path in academia while being out in the lab and to their peers. This event will provoke positive debate and help promote science and academia as an inclusive, forward-thinking, and viable career path for bright young queer minds!

Co-organized by Elsevier Pride and 500 Queer Scientists, you’ll hear from a broad-spectrum of scientists ranging from early to late-career scientists.