Q: How do I sign up?
Call us at 212-998-9058 or email us at babyandchild@nyu.eduWe will enter you into our database, and a researcher will contact you when your child is the right age for a study.

Q: What would my child do in a study?
Your child might play games or talk with a researcher; watch short videos; play with toys and run around; crawl, walk, sit, or reach; or use tools. When a researcher calls you to invite you to participate in a study, the researcher will tell you all the details about what your child would do so that you can decide whether you’d like to participate.

Q: Where will I be during the visit?
A: Caregivers are with their children at all times.

Q: What age groups do you study?
A: We study every age group from young infants to school-age children.

Q: When would my child be able to participate in a study?
A: Most studies are based on children’s age. When your child is the right age for a study, a researcher will call you. You can participate in multiple studies if you like.

Q: Will I receive compensation for participating?
A: In appreciation for your participation, you will receive a child souvenir like a toy, t-shirt, or tote bag. Some studies will also give you monetary compensation or a larger gift. Some studies may reimburse your transportation. When researchers contact you about a study, they will tell you what you will receive.

Q: Where do studies take place?
A: Most visits involve a one-time visit to NYU’s Washington Square campus, but we also offer home-based studies where a researcher comes to your home. Please see the “Contact Us” tab for a map of where the research labs are located and more information.

Q: How long do studies take?
A: Studies are typically 30 to 90 minutes long. Most studies involve only one visit. When we get in touch with you to invite you to participate, the researcher will tell you more about the specific study.

Q: When would my child be able to participate in a study?
A: We match your availability with times that researchers are available. Studies are typically offered every week day during normal business hours. Some studies offer weekend or evening appointments. Generally, we encourage you to choose times when your child would not be hungry or need a nap.

Q: Will my child’s session be confidential?
A: Yes. All of the information we obtain from your child’s session will be kept confidential. Each child will be assigned a code number and only the researchers associated with the project will have access to the information.

Q: What happens if my child gets fussy or tired?
A: If at any point during the session your child should become fussy or tired, we will stop the session. You can always decide to stop a study for any reason.

Q: Will I receive any feedback about my child?
At the end of the session, some studies will provide you with feedback about your child from a child development expert. Some studies will post findings from the research (group averages) on Facebook or send you a newsletter about the findings.

Q: Why should I participate?
A: All Baby&Child studies are fun and interesting and many families return numerous times to participate. Your child’s participation will help researchers, parents, and clinicians to make important discoveries about how children learn and develop!

Q: Do you provide therapy?
A: As research centers, we do not provide therapy.

Q: Can I bring my other children to the session?
A: Yes! Just let us know, and one of our researchers will babysit during the visit.