Attendees at this workshop will include university professors working on various aspects of this multidisciplinary landscape, industry researchers and thought leaders, as well as program managers from Department of Defense (DOD) funding agencies. The outcome is expected to be ideas for future collaborations and a path towards DOD-sponsored research programs. The attendees include:

Cliff Wang, US Army Research Office.

Ramesh Karri, Faculty, ECE, New York University.





Krishnendu (Krish) Chakrabarty, Faculty, ECE, Duke University.





Douglas Densmore, Faculty, ECE, BME, Boston University





Emre Araci, Faculty, Santa Clara University.





Kristin Scott, Faculty, MGM, Duke University.





William Grover, Faculty, Bioengineering, the University of California at Riverside





Yuksel Temiz, Research Staff Member,  Precision Diagnostics, IBM Research Zurich.





Jeyavijayan (JV) Rajendran, Faculty, Texas A&M University.





Scott Norton, Sr. Director of Advanced Technology, Baebies Inc;





Rafael (Yong-Ak) Song, Faculty, New York University, Abu Dhabi;





Ozgur Sinanoglu, Faculty, New York University, Abu Dhabi;





Charles Seife, Faculty, NYU Carter Institute of Journalism





Jack Tang, New York University.