Digital Microfluidic Platforms for Near-Patient Screening and Diagnostics: A System Introduction and Security Challenges

Baebies is a leader in both digital microfluidics and the clinical application of the core technology in the pediatric screening, testing, and diagnostic market. Digital microfluidics refers to an inexpensive and automated nanodroplet handling system that is based upon the rapid manipulation of discrete droplets on single-use cartridges by electrical control of surface tension (electrowetting) and that can support multiple bioassay types in different clinical applications. Our product pipeline includes SEEKER ® , an FDA authorized newborn screening platform for high throughput enzymatic analysis of lysosomal storage disorder enzymes, and FINDER, a near patient screening platform currently in beta testing designed to test for a multitude of disorders in a hospital or clinic setting. Through this presentation, we will examine the technology, its current and intended use, and describe security challenges of this and future platforms, including prevention of cartridge re-use, software hacking, and hardening against reverse engineering.