Microfluidic biochips are devices that handle small volumes of fluids and are usually coupled with “cyber” elements such as sensors and intelligent control algorithms to improve performance and reliability. Biochips are coming of age in an era of rampant cybersecurity issues, and new security and trust solutions are the need of the hour. We are organizing a workshop whose overarching goal is to create the understandings and technology to ensure the security and trustworthiness of biochips.   

The workshop will analyze security threats, motivations, attack surfaces, and their consequences for the research landscape, industry, and society. It will help set the agenda to develop novel architectures, protocols, hardware, and algorithms to prevent, detect, and mitigate these threats. Finally, it will help connect to reality by identifying experiments on the benchtop to validate the developed approaches and to expose subtle issues that arise at the biochemical level.

Miniaturized, low-cost biochips that are secure and trustworthy will be revolutionary. We expect this workshop to foster multi-disciplinary research and education for students of hardware design, CAD, molecular biology, and security. In industry, growth and investment will be promoted by protecting IP and providing an impetus for adoption by end users. And for society biochips designed with security in mind should restore trust given the myriad security issues making headlines in the news today.