Voice Week 6: Final Project VUI

For my final project, I decided to make a conversation bot using Unity, Watson, & ARKit. The goal of this project was to personify & talk to a fun snarky chatbot named Galaxia that lives in outer space. Here is a demo:

Here are some of the intents & dialog flow built in Watson.

Hopefully, in the future, Galaxia can have more dialog built in. Also, I would really like to incorporate more back-end so she could explain different aspects of the milky way galaxy. I would also like this project to have better 3D models, animations, & shaders.


Build your first AI AR App on Unity

Watson Unity SDK Tutorials


Voice Week 2: Speech to Text

This week, our homework assignment was to research and implement some kind of existing technology, tool, library, or API and develop an Expressive Voice Interface. To accomplish this, I decided to use Paper Signals with Google Assistant.  I chose this because I liked the idea of physical interfaces being controlled by voice commands.

Since this is an open-source voice experiment, the build process was very well documented & easy to follow. I decided to build a “stretch signal” which would wiggle its arms based on preset speech commands.

For some commands, it worked, while for others it didn’t. Here is my paper signal:

Also, I noticed that even with Google Assistant, the process of recognizing speech & converting to words can be erroneous.

Voice Week 1: Text to Speech

This week, we learned how to build a command line interaction that uses text-to-speech. Our interaction had the following constraints:

  • Takes text inputs and delivers speech outputs.
  • Triggered on the terminal with a single command and runs without a GUI.

For this assignment, I decided to use the Mac OSX Speech Synthesis Manager. Using the say command, I was able to create the following interaction that controlled the voice used, word rate, & word highlighted. Based on what we learned, I also included a conversation marker.

The majority of this quote comes from Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World. One of the main characters, John Savage, has grown up on a futuristic Native American reservation. In the book, he is transported to “civilization” & is reeducated in this new world.

I chose this reference, because to me this assignment was about giving the ability of speech to computers –  a reeducation of sorts using language. I also found that I wanted the computer’s voice to express a personality & desire for freedom.