Playful Week 2: Museum Field Report

To gain inspiration on exhibition design, I visited the Cooper Hewitt Museum for the first time this week. This museum seems immaculately designed.  On walk-in, visitors receive pens that can interact & “save” interesting exhibitions.

All of the display cases are custom-made:

As is the soundproofing on the walls:

They had a temporary exhibition there was called Access + Ability. In this exhibition, I noticed several types of presentation styles.

Static (only look):

Out of case, mounted.

Customized 3D Printed Casts

In case.

Prosthetic Hands

Large Scale, with text installation.

LA Voting Booth ADA

Small scale, in Case, with Ipad explanation.

Custom Walking Aids

Only image

Dynamic(can touch):

Can zip & button physical items.

Better Butttons ADA

(But can’t pet this fluffy?!!)

Swipe on app,with large text + photo description.

Navigation App

There was also the Hear, See, & Play exhibition:

Front Entrance Cohesive Introduction

Trash Bot

Three stage ipad app.

Design Trash Bot

Pcomp Ring bell, push button, make sounds.

Piano Keys Sounds Visualized and Mapped on 4 screens.

Dot Piano

Museum gift shop was amazing! Favorite artifact.

Basically, had fun. Still not sure what this chair is though.

Playful Week 1: Finding researchers at NYU

This week, I found 2-3 interesting research topics at NYU as inspiration for the interactive exhibition that we will be making. Here are the topics that I found:

  1. Self-assembled three-dimensional chiral colloidal architecture, NYU Physics department.
  2. Air Quality Program, NYU Marron Institute.
  3. Face Transplant Program, NYU Langone + LaGuardia studio.

I have also contacted the researchers associated with these topics to gauge their interest. We will see what happens next!