Drawing It Together: Week 2

For Day 2, we presented our game: Pollock versus Monet! 

This piece was based off two famous abstract painters who both had very distinct respective styles. Pollock was known for his paint splatters, while Monet was known for his brush strokes. 

Image result for jackson pollock

Pollock: Convergence

Image result for monet lilies

Monet: Lillies


Game Instructions:

  1. Pick a color and broom.
  2. The diagonal players are teams.
    1. Team Pollock splatters.
    2. Team Monet sweeps.
  3. Every 15 seconds, switch teams! This happens for 4 cycles. 
  4. Using splatters & sweeps, express the following concept: Taste of Apple pie.
  5. At the end of 4 cycles, the audience decides what the group painting looks like more: Pollock or Monet!



It’s a tie! Final piece, Taste of Apple Pie.

Drawing it together: Day 1

For our first class, we participated in a lot of group drawing exercises!

Exercise 1: Drawing multiples.

Exercise 2: Combining Shapes

We were then invited to draw self portraits. 

After trying to guess the identity of each classmate’s self portrait, we then proceeded to pair off. Each pair of partners drew a portrait of each other. This was a very enjoyable, & surprisingly intimate experience. 

After this, we started to work on creating our own multi-user drawing game! In this, we questioned how can multiple people with different but equal drawing skills could participate together.  Here are some pictures of our paper playtests.