CATN Week 4: Ren’py Visual Novel

This week for Sketch 4, we were asked to use Ren’Py to incorporate dialogue & character. 

We also played the following visual novels:  Butterfly Soup by Brianna Lei (name your price) & Galatea by Emily Short. Both of these visual novels incorporate romance dialogues between their characters.

Inspired by this, I chose to recreate one of my favorite romance dialogues from Star Trek.  This Sketch, The Dauphin, is based from a dialogue between Riker & Guinan from Star Trek: The Next Generation, S2E10. 

Resources Used:

Otome Sprites by Shida

Star Trek Screensaver



CATN Week 3: Inform 7 + Narrative Space

For this week, we were prompted to play two games: Adventure by William Crowther and Donald Woods & The Fire Tower by Jacqueline A. Lott. Both of these games use directions (north, south, east, west) as ways of moving in space. However, one difficult that I found was with discovering what verbs to use as actions. 

Then we played with the idea of Narrative Space in text based adventures using Inform 7.  The location that I adopted was from variant of Cinderella from the Philippines. 

CATN Week 2: Sketch #2

This week, we explored hypertext games further by playing My Body & Depression Quest. Both of these explore using hypertext. My Body is more abstract & poetic in the way it links things together. Depression Quest is a playable Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style game where certain options are given or taken away depending on your input. 

Based on the inspiration of these two pieces, I made my own interactive story using twine. Here’s a video of Aesop’s Interactive Fable:


Twine Sketch:

CATN Week 1: Sketch #1

For this week, our sketch assignment was to use Tracery & the P5.js editor to create a random story generator. Here is what I made:

This story is loosely based from  a Norwegian Folktale from 1859 in which

A woman makes a pancake which flees. Various animals try in vain to stop it. Finally the fox eats it up.”

Here are two examples of random stories generated.