Prototyping AR Week 3: Arkit + Watson SDK SkillBuilder

This week, I practiced using Unity ARKitRemote with Watson. Here is a video:


Step 1: Downloaded the Watson SDK + Unity ARKit SDK

Step 2: Went to and created a new project. Step 3: Took the credentials from above & plugged it into the Watson “ExampleStreaming” code. Step 4: Took the Watson ExampleStreaming scene & added it as an empty game object to the Unity ArKitRemote Example Scene. When I did this, I also turned off the Watson STT Main Camera, leaving only the AR Camera Parent. 

Prototyping AR Week 2: Case Study

For this case study, I want to share an augmented reality museum tour that I experienced in 2015 at Casa Batlló in Spain. Although this came out years before the release of ARkit, this experience remains one of the best AR experiences that I have had. 

The first thing that I enjoyed about this experience was the accessibility. As soon as any visitor walked into the museum, they were handed a pair of headphones & a charged phone with the AR app running. Also, this app was available in a variety of different languages which was perfect for the intended audience of tourists from around the world. 

The second thing that I enjoyed about this experience was the integration. Antoni Gaudí, the architect behind Casa Battló, was heavily inspired by biomimetic design. As visitors would walk past different features of the museum, the physical artifact would turn into a virtual representation of its inspiration. Also, this museum is currently uninhabited, but was lived in for many years; in certain areas, the app would recreate scenes from the bygone past with room fixtures & spatialized sounds.

One poor design decision that I noticed was because they used 3D objects as markers, there were certain bottlenecks that would happen in crowd flow at popular attraction points. Also, the phones were prone to overheating during constant use leading some visitors to have to exchange their phones.

However, despite these shortcomings, I believe that this is a compelling good use case of augmented reality. At the time, it inspired me to want to learn how to create AR content.