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ROY Week 2: Memes, Cultural Continuity, & Email Analysis

For this week’s HW assignment, we were asked to collect a bit of our digital footprint. I decided to look at the networks with my email using an off-the-shelf tool made by the MIT Media Lab called Immersion.

Immersion is a design experiment that centers the email interface on people and the networks that people form.

In this experiment, I compared the networks of my two primary email accounts: School + Private. Here are their respective visualizations. 

NYU Email Address

Personal Email Address

In my school email, I found three main groups of people: Work, ITP classmates, & ITP Campers. 

In my personal email, I found seven main groups of people: Family, Work Friends, Tango friends, Zouk friends, Art friends, & Camping friends.

For the future, I’m interested in exploring how memes carry ideas within cultures. Can physical movements be memes? How is it possible for us to continue creating sustainable dynamic cultures?

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