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ROY Week 1: The Brain, Thinking Fast & Slow

There are many illusions that we live with. In this class, Rest of You, I’m interested in exploring the illusion of consciousness & agency. In Incognito: Secret Lives of the Brain,  it states:

Most of what we do and think and feel is not under our conscious control. 

In Thinking Fast and Slow, an example is given of this concept. They go through how the concept of hard work or agency can be physiologically measured through eye pupil dilation. The harder one mentally works, the bigger the pupils dilate. 

Work & Productivity is something that we, as a digital generation, are constantly trying to optimize. In a search for “Self Help” books on Amazon, there are over 60,000 results. 

The sheer number of books dedicated in this top-down approach seems to signify that people want to control their unconscious thoughts, actions, & desires through their conscious mind.

In the next coming weeks, I’m interested in designing an experiment around the words that we use & how that can affect perceived agency. How can we leverage our actions into understanding more about ourselves? Is it possible for us to use tracked data to improve who we are & how we are perceived?

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