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Haptics: Day 1

For Day 1 in haptics,  we did a series of experiments.

  1. Hello Vibrational Motor
  2. Haptic Motor Drivers
  3. Motor Arrays

Hello Vibrational Motor

In this experiment, we learned the basics of different types of motors, including the trusty Vibrating Mini Motor.Vibrating Mini Motor Disc

When we changed the delay & high/low, we were able to achieve different effects and patterns. We also tried attaching different materials to our motor to create different haptic sensations. 


Haptic Motor Drivers

In this experiment, we tested how a haptic controller with a simple vibrational motor could create 116 types of haptic effects, ranging from “Hot Fuzz” to “Transition Click.”


Adafruit DRV2605L Haptic Controller Breakout

Experiment 2

Armed with this knowledge, our group tried to create a physical representation of the Microsoft Windows start sound. 

Motor Arrays

For this third experiment, we connected 3 motors in series & played with the haptic feedback that they could produce. In the end, we made a tactile sensation that felt like a heartbeat. 

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