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Subtraction Week 9: Lathe a Mallet

For this week’s HW assignment, I made a hyperbolic hammer out of cork.

I was inspired by the shape of a hyperboloid, as well as the word hyperbole. A mallet or gavel usually represents something serious & is made out of heavy materials such as wood & stone. However, hyperbole is some embellishment not to be taken too seriously, so I decided to use a softer less serious material – cork.  

First, I started with some cork yoga blocks from Amazon.

Then, I lathed the shape. Since the chuck dug into the ends, I had to use chop off the damaged ends using a miter saw. Then, I used a 3/4″ spade bit on the drill press to make a circular hole for the handle. 

After this, I quartered a yoga block using the bandsaw & got back to turning the handle.

I wanted the handle to be thicker than 3/4″ so I made a section slightly smaller to fit into the hammer head & cut it to size. 

Put both pieces together to make the final product – hyperbolic hammer.

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