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Subtraction Week 6 & 7: CNC Midterm

For the midterm, I made mid-century modern styled table using the CNC router. 

This design was inspired by the work of Adrian Pearsall in the 1950s. Here is his boomerang table:

Here is another of his coffee table designs:

First, I started by drawing the dimensions of the legs. A standard coffee table is between 16-18 inches. 

Then, to add stability, I designed a rosette with mortises that the legs could slot into.

Finally, I made sure all of the proportions were correct to line up with the glass table top (found on the street). 

The wood was purchased from Lowe’s. It is a solid wood furniture grade pine panel. 

I prepped the design in mastercam, & set up the CNC to go. 

Unfortunately, during this process, I made 4 big mistakes.

  • Not Zeroing the work correctly in mastercam software.
  • Zeroing the CNC too far up.
  • Accidentally hitting the stop button on the CNC.
  • CNC caught into the cutout pieces & stopped. Should’ve fastened down. 

This is why there are extra notches on top.This also led to the mortise tabs on the legs & the edges of the legs having a much larger tolerance than designed. Every time i restarted the job, the CNC bit would drift slightly to the right & upwards.

Alsoe to the snow day, I was unable to cut the rosette keystone. Determined to make due, I took the legs home to work on them.

I decided to cut off the bottom tabs with a hacksaw, then sanded to disguise the original cutoff. To further add to the design, I routed the outer and inner edges with a round-over bit. 

Then, I wood glued all the adjacent sides together & fastened with screws. To disguise the screws, I pasted some wood filler on top.





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