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Subtraction Week 3: Desktop CNC Project

This week, I made a Qi wireless charger enclosure from Walnut & Mother of Pearl. This enclosure was primarily made using the Othermill CNC.


Video of Charger in use:


Here are some of the initial design ideas:

Then I drew the charger in vectorworks:


And imported it into the Bantam Tools Othermill software & started milling! I had to start with milling it flat because the walnut wood was uneven.

Milled the Circle & Channel. Here is the bottom of the wireless charger.

Then, started on the top! Drew the designs in illustrator.


Had to make a jig for the lasercutter to hold it into place.

Laser Etched. Unfortunately, I didn’t tape it securely the first time & so the piece moved. That is why there are some burn marks. 

Sanded off the burn marks & placed the mother of pearl inlay, which was also lasercut.

Glued & placed the components into the wood. Luckily, since I measured many many times, the pieces were press fit. 

Applied Tung Oil, waited 24 hours & then applied a wax buff coat using a 3 stage wax buffer.   

I’m very happy with the final result.

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