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Subtraction Week 2: Othermill Skill Builder

This week, we were given the challenge of learning how to use the Othermill. I started with creating an abstract NYU logo in adobe illustrator.

When I ported the .svg¬†file into Bantam software, it gave me some small errors in red. However, since there weren’t too many, I proceeded with the same file. Somehow, the software knew what section I wanted to cut, & which to engrave; this might be a bug.

Homed the bit, aligned the wood with double-sided tape to the lower left corner & started milling.

With constant vacuuming & an accidental job cancel, a 17-minute job turned into over an hour. Here is the final result.

Unfortunately, the wooden block moved slightly & created an uneven bottom edge. Next time, I will use more tape.

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