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Subtraction Week 1: Router Skill Builder

This week, we were challenged to make a semi-circle using a hand router. Here is my attempt: 

I started with the desired template  & measured the dimensions carefully on a piece on 1/2″ plywood.

Here is the original scrap wood.

Then, I used the drill press with 1/4″ bit on the centerpoint. This will be the hole used for the router jig.  Time for the router! Used the bit that Ben Light let our class borrow.

Determined that the 3rd hole on the router jig would give me a 5″ diameter, & got going!

However, I ran into some jaggedness, especially at the beginning. 

Also, I couldn’t tell if the router went through fully, so I did 5 passes. I think 3 passes too many, because I accidentally marked up the router table. Woops.

After this, I started on the straight cut by measuring the distance between straight edge of router jig & inside of router bit with digital calipers.


Clamped down the straight edge the same distance of 2.767″ & changed the router jig.

Lined up the edge of the router to the straight edge, & did a pass. However, I don’t know how this came out like this??

When I measured the distance with the calipers, it was less than the distance that I measured earlier between router bit & edge! Maybe this is because of the kerf made by the bit? Maybe I mismeasured?? Also, the straightedge wasn’t clamped down tight enough & started to move inward when I was making the straight cut (should’ve used the C-clamps).

I will definitely need more practice with this tool.

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