“Social Stories are a social learning tool that support the safe and meaningful exchange of information between parents, professionals, and people with autism.”  -Carol Gray, creator of Social Stories

Social Stories are short, simple stories that describe social situations, interactions, skills, and concepts.    The stories provide visual support to address an individual’s needs and improve social understanding of all people involved in an interaction.  They are not social or behavioral scripts.

The goal of Social Stories is to share accurate social information in a calm and reassuring manner and to support and individual’s improved understanding of events and expectations.KidInStoryAppLogo

In 2010, The National Autism Center listed “story-based intervention package” (with Social Stories™ identified as the most well-known) as one of eleven established treatments for children on the autism spectrum (National Autism Center, 2010). National Autism Center. (2010). National Standards Project.

For further information visit Carol Gray’s website.