Faye Ginsburg and Rayna Rapp on Disability and the Election

#cripthevote T-shirt. Photo courtesy of the Disability Visiblity Project.

Professor Faye Ginsburg and Professor Rayna Rapp contributed to the online HotSpots section of the journal Cultural Anthropology, commenting on the interplay of disability and politics in the 2016 US Presidential Election. The piece can be read in full here and provides an illuminating examination of the ways disability has been talked about and represented during this unprecedented election season.

Congratulations to Faye and Rayna!

Huffington Post Highlights the Importance of Anthropology


The Huffington Post recently published a blog post by George, a post-doctoral researcher at The University of Pennsylvania and an adjunct Professor at The College of New Jersey, highlighting the importance of anthropology undergraduate programs at American universities. The article makes a compelling and passionate case for the importance of studying anthropology, and comes at a time when, unfortunately, many anthropology programs around the country and being cut or downsized.

You can read his article here.