Instructor: Ellen Noonan
NYU course number: HIST-GA 3013

In this capstone seminar course, students are expected to undertake an original research project that relates to either the archives or public history field.  The final product may take several forms:  1) a 30-50 page, article-length, research paper that might be submitted for publication in an academic journal;  2)  a public history or archives project, which has been worked out with a cooperating institution, that might result in such products as a consulting report, finding aid with recommendations for handling or treating particular types of material, or collections survey; 3) an online project that contextualizes a body of historical source material and brings it to broader public attention.

Research in Archives and Public History is offered every spring and is required of all Archives and Public History MA students. Introduction to Archives or Introduction to Public History and the Internship Seminar are all required before taking this course.