Paper Format Guidelines

The paper should follow general APA citation and format guidelines.  

There is no length requirement.

Title Page

  1. Title of Paper: Center Title on the first page
  2. Font: Times New Roman typeface is required, bold faced, 12 point
  3. Author and Affiliation
  4. Page header Include a running head at the top of every page, including the title page.  The running head should be the title of your paper in all caps, or an abbreviated title of the paper if the title is more than 50 characters. The title should be flush and page numbers should be flush to the right.

Body of the Paper

  1. Layout: Use standard margins of one inch on the left, right, and bottom on 8.5” x 11” paper.  Double-spaced text. Indent each new paragraph.
  2. Font: Times New Roman typeface is required, 12 point
  3. Abstract: Include the abstract on a separate page between the title page and the body of the paper.  You may also list keywords from your paper below the abstract, if you wish. If including keywords, it should look like this:                                                                                                                  Keywords: keyword, second keyword
  4. Body: Following the abstract, begin the body of the paper on a separate page.  Include the running head flush left and page numbers flush right.
  5. Headings: Headings for each section should be centered
  6. Footnotes/Endnotes: APA does not recommend footnotes or endnotes, however if they are necessary, use a numbered superscript.

References: Follow the APA reference guide for in-text citations and reference list.


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