Why do I have to submit a paper and give a presentation at the symposium?
We are planning to publish symposium proceedings. Since your papers will become the proceedings we’re asking you to follow the APA style guide so that all papers are formatted in the same way.


Does that mean I’m supposed to read my paper at the symposium?
No! Your symposium presentation may take just about any form you like. The most common form will probably be a PowerPoint or some form of visuals/videos on a screen. However, you are welcome to give an extemporaneous presentation, an example lesson plan, a hands-on activity, or even reading from your paper, if you choose.


Is it ok if my research is a work in progress?


Is it ok if the draft I submit is unpolished or incomplete?
Yes!  The research collaborative members will read your drafts and provide some feedback, which should help you as you work towards your final paper and presentation.  Do not worry if at this point your draft has placeholders, needs to be formatted, or is incomplete.  Please send us what you have.


What is the length requirement for the paper?
There is no length requirement. Please use as much or as little space as you need to express your research. This may mean 3 pages or 30. Your paper may be filled with images, figures, and appendices, or it may not. What we’re looking for is a paper written for an academic audience.


What exactly do you mean by an academic audience?
We mean that your paper should be intelligible to a reader at the college or professional level. While we want some form of a literature review to show that you are aware of similar research in the field, we are not asking for the kind of rigorous literature review that would be required by a scholarly journal.