New York Transit Museum Archives Visit

Humanities for STEM: Using Archives to Bridge the Two Cultures Divide

On November 3, 2017 the collaborative visited the New York Transit Museum Archives at the new Gabrielle Shubert Research Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Archivists, Rebecca Haggerty and Desiree Alden-Gonzalez, hosted us. During our visit we toured the 14,000 square foot collections storage space and viewed some artifacts and archival material. While the Transit Museum was founded in 1976, they did not begin heavily collecting until 1989. Since then the museum’s collections have steadily increasing. The new research center’s growing collection includes 8000 artifacts, 3000 cubic feet of archival material, 250,000 photos and 35,000 architectural engineering drawings. 

Some of the collections and artifacts include:

The Bridges and Tunnels Archive

Bridges and Tunnels archive

“The Fashion Aisle”

Transit Authority Helmets
MetroCard dress









Artifacts from the New York Transit Authority Marching Band

Drum from the New York Transit Authority Band
Hat from the New York Transit Authority Marching Band









Model Trains and Roll Signs

Model Trains, some of which are used in the Holiday Train Show at Grand Central
Manual roll signs used before automated train signs










Research Collaborative members and greater Humanities for STEM community, please be sure to check out some of the 15,000 items in the NY Transit Museum Online Collections Database. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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