Faculty and Archivist Collaboration

Humanities for STEM: Using Archives to Bridge the Two Cultures Divide

To further explore our interests in the integration of archival research into STEM education, some of our members presented on their experiences on faculty/archivist collaboration.

Deena Engel, Professor of Computer Science, shared her experience of collaborating with archivists in the assignment of a capstone project in which students built a digital archive using primary source material.


Deena’s full presentation: Engel_CollaborativeEducation


A page from The Album Yearbook, Class of 1960 at Washington Square College.

Trace Jordan, Professor in NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences, shared his experiences in teaching a first-year seminar entitled What is College For, which engages students with the history, aims, and contentions of college education. During the history unit, students use the NYU archives in Bobst Library to investigate a specific aspect of NYU’s history using archival sources, with the generous assistance of Janet Bunde, University Archivist, and Katie Ehrlich, Assistant Archivist for Education and Outreach.


Trace’s full presentation: TraceJordan-Collaboration


Janet Bunde, University Archivist, took collaborative members on a tour of the University Archives, including the A University in the City/A University of the City exhibition. She also shared her experiences collaborating with faculty.

A University in the City/A University of the City exhibition: https://wp.nyu.edu/specialcollections/2016/09/21/a-university-in-the-citya-university-of-the-city-an-exhibition-from-the-new-york-university-archives/



Research Collaborative members and greater Humanities for STEM community, please feel free to add your thoughts or questions about Faculty and Archivist Collaboration to the comments!


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