The Longest Five Minutes of My Life

This week’s assignment for Video and Sound was for each assigned group to finalize their five-minute sound walks for everyone’s listening pleasure in class. That listening takes place tomorrow, but my group is ready to go more than 24 hours before the deadline. This is truly relieving.

My memory of time seems a little fuzzy over the last week, but I swear most of my working hours were taken up by editing this sound. I didn’t realize how long it would take to edit a short piece like this one. But once I remembered the professor’s warning not to come to class with a first draft, I knew we were expected to take as long as it might to create something, and re-create it if necessary.

Our group worked well together. I always wonder how a group project like this will go, but we were all serious about learning, following directions about the technical aspects of the assignment, and making an effort to respect and appreciate one another’s ideas and input. I was able to contribute with editing an equitable amount of audio, downloading extra sounds from YouTube using Audio Hijack, contributing to edits and so on.

I used Amadeus Pro to edit my parts of the assignment, while the other two group members used Adobe Audition. We shared our working files on DropBox. And the final product is in Sound Cloud at this link: 

We will be getting into video recording and editing over the weeks to come. I look forward to finding out what challenges will come my way next. Well, sort of.

Sounds Like a Good Start

The first week of my class on video and sound introduced us to the first of two projects we’ll produce during the course of the class, (seven weeks). We are to create a sound walk somewhere in the Tisch building.

My initial idea was to create a tour of all the floors in the building. One group member mentioned we could base our sound walk on the movie Night at the Museum. In that case, objects, furniture, and other things in the building would come alive on the fourth floor at the end of the day, when all the humans leave.

We were split between the two ideas, and decided to get 20 minutes of sound for one idea, and 20 minutes for the other. We headed to the elevators with no great aim in mind except to visit a floor in the building and see where that took us. That ended up being the 11th floor where film production takes place. We met a few people who seemed to run things up there. They had keys, and power, like the power to enter empty studios and to give us a tour.

Our tour guide was Pete, a TA, and senior in the program. We got some good sound, like Pete’s explanation of post-production techniques like foley.

We came back to ITP and decided to go with the footage we have. I think it’s going to work, but we have limited time to fill all the gaps in and create a story. I heard there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so maybe going on the tour, then coming up with a story for it will work. I think next time I do something like this, I’ll try to come up with a story ark earlier in the process.

Well, it’s not too late, and our group is at work to create a story around the sound we gathered before we go and start editing. We’ll need a timeline to follow. After all, we need to fill our time in an engaging way for the assignment to have more meaning and value. See you all next week.