Braille Writing Board Part II

This assignment prompted us to use more than one material.

For this exercise, I cut my previous braille writing board, shown here, and included other materials.


card board braille peg board.


The writing board is a template containing cut outs for where braille dots can form braille letters. The board is 10 spaces wide, and two lines tall. I laser cut this one on red acrylic.

I bought some fridge magnets and stainless steel balls to stick to the magnets. I’d fit the magnets between two pieces of acrylic, creating a back board for the balls.

But once I had all my materials in hand, I noticed that the magnets were not strong enough to stick to the balls.

My two pieces of acrylic are held together by zit ties, so I can take them apart and try and make the device fully operational with some stronger magnets.


Acrylic braille peg board.

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