Group Experiment 4

Group members: Antonio Guimaraes, Ayal rosenberg, Nick Wallace, and Vince Kim.

Our group set out to create different sensations like poking, scratching, and tickling to the back of the neck. We decided to attach pipe cleaners of differing shapes to servos, then attach the servos to the head. We included a servo with sand paper attached as well for a total of three head-mounted ticklers.

Haptics 6

We played a bit with how running and poking around with the pipe cleaners would feel, and tried imagining ways to fix the pipe cleaners to the servo, and the servo to the head. We were provided with some 3d-printed servo mounts, and it wasn’t hard to get the pipe cleaners, and sand paper woven to or taped to the mounts.

Haptics 1

Haptics 3

Our experimentation with different materials on different parts of the body produced different sensations. For instance, Antonio felt a more sensual feeling with the pipe cleaner rubbing on the side of the neck, just below the ear, but something between a tickle and a chill one the cleaner was dragged across the back of the neck.

Haptics 2

Nick observed using the sand paper servo behind the neck felt like you’re getting a buzz haircut.

Putting it on the ear had a feeling of a stiff brush bristle like a shoe-shining brush. running the sand paper around the front of the neck felt pretty rough.

Haptics 7

The servos were attached to an Arduino running the servo sketch to control the range and angle of the arm mounted to the servo.

Our head mount consisted of a hose cut to size, and taped to create a circumference around and above the forehead. The servo mount was held to the head mount with pipe cleaner and tape.

We found it challenging to mount the servos to the body at the same angles as we had organically holding them with our hands at the beginning of the experiment. The hand can hold the servo at an angle further away from the target, while the band is affixed to the target, ie, the neck.

We also realized this device would not work as intended for people with long hair. We didn’t have any women as part of our team, nor a guy wearing long hair to test it out on, so we turned the mount around to the nose during the class try out period.

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