I’m an engineer and scientist interested in developing rehabilitative and restorative therapies for people with disabilities. I’m particularly interested in the motor system. My work lies at the intersection of engineering and neuroscience, using engineering techniques and ideas to better understand neuroscientific questions and develop new therapies. Detailed information about my career and experience can be found in my CV (pdf).

When not in the lab, I love finding other outlets for creativity. The source of those outlets varies over the years. Growing up, music was a huge part of my life. I played piano, flute, piccolo and saxophone for several decades. I’ve also dabbled as a disc jockey in college. More recently, I’ve become an avid baker. I’m also very interested in scientific illustration. I served as a layout editor and art director for the Berkeley Science Rewiew in graduate school.

I’m also passionate about promoting diversity in science and engineering. I’m part of a team working on a web database to help increase the visibility of minorities in STEM communities called STEMM Role Models.