Bridging the gap between phonological theory and speech disorders

This year’s AMP features an integrated workshop, supported by NSF, on the interface between phonology and speech disorders. The overarching goal of the workshop is to open up intellectual dialogue between the fields of communication disorders and phonology, and to broaden the prospects for academic employment for current graduate students. For linguists, data from speech and language disorders can provide a unique insight into the structure of the human language faculty and a window into the developmental trajectory of speech and language acquisition. For practitioners in speech-language pathology, a deeper understanding of linguistic theory can enhance the capacity to diagnose and treat communication disorders.

The workshop consists of:

1. A plenary talk by Adam Buchwald, NYU Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders
2. A tutorial on ultrasound biofeedback by Doug Whalen, The Graduate Center, CUNY
3. A session of talks and posters (integrated into the regular schedule) of CSD-related research (see the Call for Papers)
4. A graduate student mixer and panel discussion on research collaboration and career paths between linguistics and CSD

Due to generous funding from NSF, we will be able to subsidize registration costs for the whole conference for all graduate students.

The deadline for abstract submission for the workshop has been extended to May 15. See the Call for papers for instructions.