Our current research focus encompass (i) microfluidic multipoles and their novel applications for biological studies, (ii) microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip devices for controlling the microenvironments of cells for basic science research and discovery, (iii) low-cost point-of-care microfluidic diagnostics for use in developing countries, and (iv) bio-MEMS devices and tactile sensors.

Projects in our lab involve collaborators from NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU New York, researchers from within the UAE, and laboratories from around the world. Our laboratory welcome members from all levels starting from volunteer from local high schools, undergrads, interns and visiting students, PhD students, Postdoctoral associates, and Research scientists. Projects in our lab usually involve designing microfluidic and MEMS devices, simulations and analytical modeling, microfabrications, surface modifications and characterizations, experimental characterizations and advanced microscope, proof of concept of biological studies, and biological discovery using these devices.