Instructor at New York University

  • Language (co-teacher, Becky Laturnus), May 2017-July 2017

Nature or nurture? Linguistics is a science that systematically addresses this puzzle, and it offers a uniquely interesting support for the answer: both. Language is a social phenomenon, but human languages share elaborate and specific structural properties. The conventions of speech communities exist, exhibit variation, and change within the strict confines of universal grammar, part of our biological endowment. Universal grammar is discovered through the careful study of the structures of individual languages, by cross-linguistic investigations, and the investigation of the brain. In this way, linguistics mediates between cognitive science and social science. This course introduces some fundamental properties of the sound system and of the structure and interpretation of words and sentences, set into this context.

Teaching Assistant at New York University

  • Sound & Language with Professor Maria Gouskova, Sep 2016–Dec 2016
  • Language & Mind with Anna Szabolcsi & Brian McElree, Jan 2016–May 2016

Teaching Assistant at Michigan State University

  • Introduction to Linguistics with Professor Karthik Durvasula, Aug 2012–May 2013
  • Introduction to Language with Professor Alan Munn, Jun 2012–Aug 2012 (course assistant)
  • Literature, Culture, and Identities with Professor Hsiao-ping Wang, Aug 2011–May 2012

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