Publications and Presentations

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Ongoing Projects: 

Williams, A., Drozdov, A., Bowman, S.R. (manuscript/submitted). Learning to parse from a semantic objective: It works. Is it syntax? [arxiv]

Williams, A., Nangia, N., and Bowman, S.R. (manuscript/submitted). A Broad-Coverage Challenge Corpus for Sentence Understanding through Inference (corpus page) [arxiv]. 

Williams, A. (under review). “A Morpho-Semantic Account of Weak Definites and Bare Singulars in English” in Definiteness Across Languages, Language Science Press, Studies in Linguistic Diversity series.



Nangia, N., Williams, A., Lazaridou, A., Bowman, S.R. (2017). The RepEval 2017 Shared Task: Multi-Genre Natural Language Inference with Sentence Representations, in Proceedings of The Second Workshop on Evaluating Vector Space Representations for NLP. [arxiv]

Williams, A., Reddigari, S., Pylkkänen, L. (2017).  Early sensitivity of left perisylvian cortex to relationality in nouns and verbs, Neuropsychologia, Volume 100, p. 131-143, ISSN 0028-3932, [data]

Williams, A. (2016). The Syntax of the Mandarin Chinese Adpositional Imperfective. In ConSOLE XXIV: Proceedings of the 24th Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (Jan. 2016, York). Leiden: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. ISSN: 1574-499X.  [pdf]


Recent Presentations:

Williams, A. Microparametric Syntactic Variation in Mandarin: Predicative Adjuncts and Verbalizing ZAI. IACL 25, Budapest, Hungary (June, 2017) 

Williams, A.  A Morphosemantic Account of Weakness in English Definites and Bare Singulars. Rutgers University, Department of Linguistics (SURGE), New Brunswick, NJ (April 2017).

Williams, A. & Li, H. Locative Ambiguities: PP-Shift in Mandarin Chinese and American English. Poster presented at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Austin, TX (January 2017).

Williams, A. Weakness as the Absence of NumP: the Case of English. Talk presented at Definiteness Across Languages at UNAM (Ciudad Universitaria)/El Colegio Del Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico (June 2016).


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